What is Effective Dates?

An effective date or as of date is the date upon which something is considered to take effect, which may be a past, present or future date.

What is AirWorkz PREMIUM Plan?

AirWorkz is enterprise friendly HR suite across all industries. Regardless you are running a company with lesser than a football team, or a top 500 enterprise with 2000 headcounts, we promise to deliver the same great level of user experiences.

Currently we offer two plans

  1. FREE - Users can always access full functions with community support, ZERO COST!

  2. PREMIUM - User get all functions from FREE plan and FREE CONSULTATION and HR PROCESS STREAMLINE that tailor for their enterprises. Aside from that, client under PREMIUM plan get engaging live chat support. Your operation excellent is always our goal!

It cost as low as RM3,99/user monthly subscription for each solution and client can onboard to our PREMIUM plan.

A full comparison of FREE and PREMIUM plan can be found here.


Custom Dropdown fields for Claim module

Administrator can add custom fields (etc. string, number, dropdown) so the extended fields can be reflect upon claim submission.


  • Navigate to Claim Configuration

  • Open new browser tab, navigate to csv2JSON tool

Convert the data to system supported format.


  • Copy dropdown fields (value and label) into the provided field (left screenshot)

  • hit "Convert" button

Update JSON string into AirWorkz claim setup page


  • hit "Copy" button to copy the JSON string

  • Paste into Claim setup page, "Options" field (as below)

  • Save claim setup page

  • Repeat same step to all claim types with same extended field