How to avoid fall into Stone-Age HR trap?

Stone Age HR Processes is inefficient

We are now living in the 21st century. Since Steve Jobs invented iPhone, human nature changes drastically. Our personal life improved, businesses rely on apps to accomplish their works. And the world becomes so much efficient and yet more competitive. A few wrong steps of business decision causing your competitor to surpass and make gain more market shares in months. Hence, the digitalization transformation journey is a must-go process for every organization.

Let's spend 1 minute, look at our desk, are we catching up the transformation trend? Or we still dealing with stone-age processes, EVERYDAY

  • Staffs still apply for leave via a hardcopy leave form

  • Staff submit hardcopy claim form and approval required manual signature

  • Manager/Supervisor review a paper timesheet every day

  • The administrator spends hours searching for 1 document

  • The administrator spends hours checking staff attendance, various manual calculation just to ensure payroll calculate correctly

  • Teams running various applications due to no integration among the apps

By looking back, understand our current situation will helps the organization steer in the right direction, slow and steady. Because AStudion Consulting has been delivering HR best practices to the market and more than 80,000 thousand users benefit from us.

We have a series of advanced HRIS/HCM (Human Capital Management) suite

  • Workforce Management

  • Leave Administration

  • Claim Administration

  • Attendance Tracking

  • Automated OT, Allowance Calculation

  • Employee Self-Service Portal

  • Integrated & Automated Payroll Processing

  • Statutory Requirement Compliance (EPF/EIS/SOCSO/PCB)

  • Personnel File Management (electronic copy)

  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics

  • Flexible Role Management

  • Series of HRDF Courses (certified training provider)

With a full-fledged HR/Payroll platform, we want to work with business players to streamline and automate their processes. By constantly improving the operations, companies can prevent falling into inefficient manual processes or high maintenance workflow.

We hope you enjoy our sharing and feel free to claim your FREECOPY HCM solution, AirWorkz which can improve productivity by more than 65%