Introducing Employment Act 1955 Kiosk!

After being active in some HR forums for months, I meet with many gurus in HR industries and learned a lot from them. But one of the pieces of feedback I got, many may be having a hard time understand or go through the over hundred pages EA PDF. Making it hard for junior HR to learn in their HR-ing journey and posting simple questions into HR forum and expecting people to "spoon-feed" become a culture.

Please DO NOT get me wrong, I am not here to blame any parties, but as a solution architect who knows many free tools on the mighty internet, I feel like I should do something to improve the situation. So I start to review the FB post, the replies, and the statutory PDF documents, BANG!

"Why not I make a self-service KIOSK that could service both HR, Legal team, Lawyers, and other experts?"

So I decided to convert every single piece of details from the latest Employment Act 1955 (as of Apr 2012) into a web KIOSK. Now using the google-search within THIS website, the information will automatically push to the user. Users can now "Search-and-Learn" as information is now chunked into bite-sized and not 120++ pages PDF.

World #1 Search-Friendly Employment Act Portal for Malaysia
Search-Friendly Employment Act Portal

Search results from EA 1955 KIOSK

EA 1955 for Women Employee

Search for "Lady Employee Law"

By relying on the powerful Google Search, the KIOSK can understand user is searching for Women/Female related law (even search keyword is "lady").

The result return are all related to female employee's topic and making them more willing to learn and it's 100X faster to look for relevant employment act topic

EA 1955 for OT Rate in Holiday

Search for "OT rate for holiday"

With more complex keywords, "OT Rate", "Holiday" the result is still fairly accurate and pulls out multiple EA sections that are related to Employment Act 1955.

Discussion in the forum will be more vibrant with link-able EA sections

In the future, users can be easier to reference a particular section/akta as they are now link-able. It will encourage readers often to click and learn more, compare to the plain text string "... refer section 9, EA 1955..." which required the reader to always comb through the huge PDF

Discussion or exchanging ideas is now much more engaging and time-saving. User can now share the section links easily (screenshot above),

This was inspired by a very kindhearted pakcik in the HR forum

How to start learning Malaysia Employment Act?

Lastly, I hope this minor tweak could bring up some help to HR admin, Legal teams and improve their work qualities. You may reach me to comment on this approach via our fan-page or email.