8. Power to prescribe minimum wages after inquiry

(1) If representation is made to the Minister that the wages of children or young persons in any class of work in any area are not reasonable having regard to the nature of the work and conditions of employment obtaining in such class of work, the Minister may, if he considers it expedient, direct an inquiry.

(2) For the purpose of such inquiry, the Minister shall appoint a Board consisting of an independent member who shall be chairman and an equal number of representatives of employers and workers.

(3) The Board shall, after holding the inquiry, report to the Minister its findings and recommendations; and the Minister may, after considering the report of the Board, make an order prescribing the minimum rates of wages to be paid to children or young persons or to both, employed in the class of work in the area aforesaid.

(4) Upon publication of such order, it shall not be lawful for any employer to pay any child or young person to whom the order applies, wages below the minimum rates specified in the order.